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There was much more here a few years back. But the world has moved on, as it has a habit of doing just when you’ve finally put together something suitable for the way it was.

Still, resurrection is possible, a leisurely revival — we only have two speeds, and the other one is slower.

This site is created and operated by Peter Blom, Australian-born writer, web designer, former globetrotter, and a few other things. Some years back I had a long involvement with webzines, most of which combined poetry and prose with graphic art, all contributed internationally. So at some point, maybe this site will lean towards containing more content by others than by me.

For now, there are a few fractal designs from way back, plus a couple of my “inspired by” poems. Maybe in time there will be a bigger collection of unusual creations — a gallimaufry of poetic and arty constructions and quirkeries, with occasional persiflage (and some fancy vocabulary) thrown into the mix.

Please be aware that the sample fractal designs (prints and pendants) that you can see via the link below are not available to buy. The images here are just an archive that may be of interest.

>>Browse fractal designs

>>Read an ekphrastic poem inspired by an art photograph

>>Read a poem inspired by M.C. Escher’s ingenious woodcut Day and Night